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Q: What special education or skills do I need?
A: None! You only have to make a 30-second call and offer a free vending service – that’s it! You can do this!

Q: Will I need an office?
A: No! That’s the beauty of it – you can operate this business from anywhere! You can work from your kitchen table, your friend’s office, your neighbor’s house or a hotel room. You can even work from the beach or by the pool. All you need are your leads and a phone, and you’re ready to start making money!

Q: How soon can I get started?
A: Once the sign-up process is successfully completed – you can get started immediately.

Q: Do I have the potential to make money fast?
A: Absolutely! You have the potential to start making immediately!

Q: As An Independent Locator, am I my own boss or just another employee?
A: You are not an employee. You are your own boss! As an Independent Locator, you are in total control of your very own service. You will not be told when to work, where to work or how to work. You won’t have set hours, and you aren’t on a time limit for securing new accounts. Your schedule is up to you – 100%!

Q: Will I be provided a phone script and other information to get me started?
A: Yes! We provide you with a 30 second calling script and all the other information you'll need to begin work immediately.

Q: How long does it take to make the calls?
A: Usually around 30 seconds. All you're doing is asking a simple question. Once you have an interested prospect, it only takes about 3-5 minutes to collect some basic information that we need, and you’re done! 

Q: Do I have to sell anything?
A: No. You only have to contact a company from your list of leads and offer them a free vending machine service. You are not required to sell anything at all.

Q: What will I do with the information I gather from the interested businesses?
A: Very little, actually. All you have to do is go to our website, click on the “Submit New Accounts” tab, complete the form that’s provided and submit it. That’s it! We’ll take over from there.

Q: What happens after I submit a potential account?
A: We contact the decision-maker whose name you have provided and schedule a visit to the company to make sure everything will work out okay. Then, we will schedule a delivery date for the vending machines.

Q: Who seals the deal?
A: You provide the potential customers - we complete the transaction for you! Basically, you are generating "hot leads" for us to contact. For each lead that converts to a vending machine placement, you are paid a $300 locator fee. How easy is that?

Q: Other than submitting a “hot lead,” what else do I have to do?
A: Nothing! We take over from there and do the rest. You just sit back and wait for us to finish it and pay you. As long as the company is interested, we can usually turn the deal.

Q: How many calls will I have to make in order to secure a new account?
A: The conversion rate varies from day-to-day, so there’s really no set answer. One day you may find a hot lead on the fifth call, the next day it might be the thirtieth. We do know for a fact that the more calls you make, the more potential you have for finding the leads that will take you up on your free offer. It’s a numbers game, but you are in charge of where the numbers fall.

Q: Am I paid a $300 locator fee for just finding the "hot leads"?
A: No, there’s a little more to it. The lead you generate must convert to the placement of our drink and snack machines within the business – the “sale” as we might call it – is what generates your money.

Q: How long does the process take with a new account before it's a done deal?
A: It usually takes between two and four days, but sometimes the conversion will occur faster – it all depends on when the company will allow us to schedule a machine delivery. It’s actually a pretty quick turn-around.

Q: When am I paid my $300 locator fee?
A: Once the drink and snack machines have been successfully installed, you’ll receive your payment – promptly, with no waiting period at all.

Q: How will I know when the deal is sealed?
A: As soon as the machines have been placed in the business, we will immediately notify you, either by email or phone. You won’t be kept in the dark wondering!

Q: Is the company good at closing the deal?
A: Yes! We have over 22 years of successful experience placing vending machines in business locations – that’s proof that we’re good at what we do because we know how to tailor each deal to meet the customer’s needs.

Q: What form of payment will I receive?
A: There are a few options – the choice is yours. We can pay your locator fee by check, money order or with a cashier's check. You only have to let us know your preference.

Q: Can I call in any city or state I want to?
A: No. We provide you with each job. We work in certain areas at certain times and will keep you updated on the areas to work.

Q: So it’s possible that I can get paid multiple times per week without waiting for a set pay cycle?
A: Yes! That’s one of the advantages in working with us. The more often we place machines with your leads, the more often you are paid the locator fee. Placement now = payment now – it’s that simple!

Q: Are the locator fees mailed out?
A: Yes! We mail out your locator fees the day following a successful placement of the vending machines.

Q: Is there a limit on how many potential accounts I can provide?
A: No! There is no limit. We can use as many as you can get daily, weekly and monthly. Actually, we need as many leads as you can generate – we never run out of product to service the customers you find for us. Don’t ever worry about being limited to a certain number – we won’t stop you from finding leads and making more money!

Q: What if I locate a business that only wants a drink machine or just a snack machine?
A: Unfortunately, we can only place the two machines together – a full-sized drink machine and a full-sized snack machine make up the package we place in a business. Most customers want both machines anyway – they realize drinks and snacks go hand-in-hand.

Q: Can I just offer any business of my choice a free vending service?
A: No, because we have certain criteria that determine where the vending machines are placed. For instance, we avoid the mom and pop-type businesses because they are not profitable. Our typical placements are in companies that either have fifty or more employees or enough customer traffic on a daily basis to warrant the placement. Generally, we try to find locations such as nursing homes, car dealerships, office buildings, airports, hospitals, department stores, grocery stores, bowling alleys and bingo halls.  We will provide you with a list of the types of businesses to target and which ones to avoid.
Q: Will I be contacting businesses locally or nationally?
A: Both – it varies because we move around from time-to-time. We will always let you know which particular areas and cities we are working in or near so that you can work right along with us by calling leads in that area. It’s a team effort – you’re on the phone while we’re on the ground!

Q: Do you supply the business leads?
A: Yes. You are responsible to purchase the very first set of leads for a wholesale cost of just $39.95 because we don't know you or if you're going to do anything at all so we can't cover the lead cost for you until you have proven yourself the first time.  After that, we will provide them free of charge as you need them.

Q: Is there a guarantee for how much money in locator fees I can earn?
A: There are no guarantees from us, because you are in charge of your own service. The amount of money you make depends on your investment of time and opportunity. That’s the beauty of being your own boss – your potential earnings rest only on your parameters – the more you put into the effort, the more money you will make. And, we know for a fact that you can make plenty of money providing this service – otherwise, we could not have been this successful for so many years. It’s all up to you!

Q: Am I responsible for my own taxes?
A: Yes. As an Independent Locator you are responsible for your own taxes. You are not an employee of Locating Profits, you're an Independent Locator – in other words, you’re an independent contractor. You should contact your tax advisor for information about recordkeeping, tax requirements and any other guidelines that you have questions about. That person will be able to guide you in the right direction.  

Q: Do you offer support if I have questions?
A: Yes! We are always available by email or phone to provide our Independent Locators support whenever they need it. You are not alone in this business!

Q: Is there a charge for me to get started as an Independent Locator?
A: No. We only charge you for a one -time $39.95 fee to cover the lead cost for the first set of leads. After that, all leads are free. It would not be affordable for us to cover all lead cost for everyone before they prove that they will actually work. Many times people come in and will do nothing so we can't cover this fee until we see you are working your leads and is so then we will supply you with all you want. This fee will not be waived as it is our requirement.

Q: Are there any other fees I need to pay in order to get started?
A: No - none! There are no other fees at all.

Q: I’m broke. How can I purchase this opportunity?
A: In his popular book, Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill says that a BIG secret to wealth is OPM - "other people’s money"! How bad do you want success? Look for financial resources among your family and friends – you can pay it back quickly with just one lead that results in a machine placement.

We look forward to having you on our team – our successful team, that is!